About Us

Educating Athletes is a non-profit program with an unprecedented youth enrichment and educational initiative for disadvantaged high school athletes that have the potential of earning athletic college scholarships. The program is operated by a staff of professional recruiters, coaches, educators and individuals who have mentored over 500 high school athletes through the process of achieving college scholarships and becoming productive members of their community. In partnership with NFL/NBA players, college coaches, recruiters, and non-profit organizations like Athletes in Action, we have designed a program that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual development of our students. This program allows a minimal investment for a student-athlete to be converted into a 4 to 5 year scholarship worth over $250,000.


1) Every year thousands of student-athletes are overlooked by college coaches, not because they are not talented enough, but because most coaches can't find them. More than 80% of the nation’s top collegiate opportunities are outside the Division IA level, and the majority of those programs have an average recruiting budget of less than $100,000. This helps to explain why coaches from the nation’s 1,800 colleges overlook thousands of student-athletes every year.


2) In a time of rising inequality and low social mobility, improving the quality and access to education has the potential to increase equality of opportunity for disadvantaged Americans. Athletics is often viewed as a way out of an underprivileged neighborhood but physical talent is only one of many decisive factors for awarding an athletic scholarship. Without an experienced advisor, it is difficult for students to navigate the scholarship recruiting process and attain their appropriate college match.


Our mission is to cultivate our student-athletes' talent, education and core values while promoting their brand to college recruiters with the purpose of obtaining athletic scholarships. Every year, the program enrolls 25 to 40 new students for a period of 2 years (HS Junior and Senior year). 


Student Athlete Evaluation and Selection

Student athletes are nominated by their high school coach and selected based on our evaluation of their athletic ability, educational attainment, work ethic, interview, and family need.


College Matching and Promotion

Once a student is accepted to the program, we acquire his/her transcripts and game films to develop a recruitment profile that is used to promote the student athlete to a list of suitable schools that match his/her overall talent level. College coaches that demonstrate interest will be introduced to students to build relationships that are supervised by Educating Athletes staff.


College Visits

Educating Athletes works with the student and parents to select the top school of interest and provide transportation for the student to visit the campus and meet with the coaches


Life Skills Seminars

Professional/college athletes and speakers share their expertise during monthly live webcasts that promote self-esteem, discipline, leadership and the pursuit of education. The life skill course  helps the athlete build the skills they need to be a winner in the classroom and in life.  It addresses issues like work ethic, self-control, values, and those things that define you as a brand.  It also covers topics such as off-the-field conduct; choices and consequences; perception versus reality; drug-free sports and life after sports.



Through a series of seminars and biweekly one on one sessions, the student athlete obtains:


  •  SAT/ACT test preparation and tutoring.  Introduction to Science Technology Engineering & Math

  •  An understanding of the athletic scholarship process, and school selection criteria

  •  Other sessions include NCAA compliance/recruiting rules, financial literacy, leadership skills

  •  Every two weeks, we monitor their academic, athletic, and off the field behavior through one on one sessions with students, coaches, and guardians



Our primary measure of success is to obtain athletic 4 year scholarships for each of our student-athletes. However, in some cases the right college match for a student may be a school that participates in a conference which only offers partial scholarships.


College athletes that graduate the program are also taught to 'give back' by attending camps and mentoring new HS student-athletes. We keep in touch with our alumni and encourage them to successfully complete their college education during their scholarship eligibility period.